Importance of Friday in Islam – Why Friday Is Best Day of The Week

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”

Importance of Friday In Islam

As per Islam, Friday is known the day when Sun has risen and Allah created Adam on the same day. There is an opportune time on Friday and if Muslims get it while praying and can ask something from Allah. In the below-mentioned article, we will give you the information about Why Importance of Friday in Islam and what needs to do on this day.

Importance of Friday in Islam

The Significance of Friday

  • The First Man in the World Adam is created on Friday and died on the same day
  • Adam is entered into the Paradise who is also the first man to enter Paradise
  • The Heaven was created on Friday and Earth is completed on Friday
  • The last day and hour will happen on Friday

Important Preparations For the Friday

On Friday you need to clean your body well basically you need to have a complete bath (Gusul). Listen to khutba sung by the Imam in the Mosque and reached the prayer well in advance to perform the complete Namaz and Dua. Also, you need to take care of the below mentioned important part about cleanliness.

  • You need to read Surah Al-Kahf loudly and same needs to share with others
  • You need to Cut your Nails
  • Do proper Ghusal
  • Use Miswak while brushing teeth
  • Use Perfume Alcohol free
  • Oiling Hair
  • Go to Masjid by walking and reach before the time
  • Do Friday prayer and Namaz